How do I set up my SD card and transfer images from my gallery to the SD card?

What is an SD card and what advantages does it offer?

The SD card is a practical storage medium for your electronic devices. With its compact dimensions, it fits easily into various devices such as cameras, smartphones and tablets. These small cards are like little data boxes that allow you to store important information securely.

The SD card offers an impressive storage capacity and is ideal for backing up pictures, videos and other files. Simply inserted into the slot provided, it enables uncomplicated data exchange between different devices.

Overall, the SD card offers a simple and efficient way to store and transport your data securely. With its compact size and versatile application, it is an indispensable tool for backing up your images and files.

Can you use your SD card as internal memory?

With Gigaset smartphones, an SD card can only be used as external memory to ensure system performance and stability and to avoid potential compatibility issues.

How do you set up your SD card?

Android 11 / 12 / 13
1. insert the SD card into the corresponding slot2. open the notification bar by swipe down the top edge of the screen

3. now click on the notification of your SD card.

Here: "SanDisk SD card"

4. now click on "Portable storage"5. now click on "Done"
The SD card is now set up

How do you transfer images from your gallery to the SD card?

Android 11 / 12 / 13
1. click on the "Photos App"

2. now click on "Library"

3. select your storage location (here: "Screenshots") and long press on the desired image
4. now click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner
5. now click on "Move to folder"

6. now click on the folder you want (here: "Camera").

You can also create a new folder if necessary

7. to check:

Click on the folder to which you have moved the image

8. if you see the image in this folder, it is on the SD card

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