How does gesture navigation work with Android 10?

Gesture navigation is a new feature that comes with the update to Android 10. On our devices the gesture navigation is configured, but it is possible to switch to the navigation bar (virtual key).

This is how the gesture navigation works:

swipe from the left or right edge, about the middle to the inside
This allows you to switch between the last page and the current page. (Replaces the back function/arrow)
swipe left and right with your finger at the bottom of the screen
This allows you to switch between the currently and the last used apps. (There is no preview)
In an app, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top
This opens the home screen. (Replaces the home button/circle)
From the Home screen, or in an app, swipe your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen and hold it.
A thumbnail view of recent apps is displayed, from which you can select one by swiping your finger to the right or left and activate it by tapping. Wipe upwards to close the app. (Replaces the Task Manager/Square)

Follow these steps to set up the navigation:

1. Open thesettings

2. navigation bar

(gesture navigation)

(navigation bar/virtual key)


In this setting, you will also find a short instruction manual (video) for each controller.

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