With the fingerprint you can not only unlock your smartphone, but also authorize purchases or register with certain apps.


You can add up to 5 fingerprints. They are stored under the names Finger 1 - Finger 5. 

Note that anyone whose fingerprints you add will be able to unlock the device and authorize purchases using your account.

You can also use your fingerprint to access different functions:

  • Open Camera
  • take a picture
  • Answering a call
  • Slide the screen

Android 10
Android 11
Android 12
1. Open the settings1. Open the settings
1. Open the settings
2. "Fingerprint"2. "Biometrics & password"2. "Security"
3. Turn the relevant switch on/off 3. "Fingerprint"3. "Biometrics & password"

4. Turn the relevant switch on/off 4. "Fingerprint"

5. Turn the relevant switch on/off