After an update to software version 42.254, problems with the answering machine may occasionally occur. In this case, please downgrade to the previous software version.


Proceed as follows:

    1. connect the base to the router via LAN cable


    2. To determine the IP address of the base, enter in the browser address field, all Gigaset devices

    in the network are displayed and the corresponding base is selected.

    The second option: press the Paging key on the base station and read the IP address in the handset display.


    3. the password is the system PIN (default PIN is 0000)


    4. settings → device management → open firmware update


    5. set "Search for firmware automatically" to "No


    6. start the firmware downgrade base the "Previous Version 


    7. confirm with "OK". The update is performed automatically.


Note: After this procedure, old messages on your answering machine may be deleted. 


If you still have problems with your answering machine, please contact our technical support.