How to reset system PIN

Reset PIN

If you have forgotten the system PIN, you can reset it to the delivery state as described below without losing data.

1.) The device must be in idle mode.

2.) Open the menu.

3.) No matter what is displayed on the screen, please ignore it.

4.) Enter * # 0 5 # in sequence.

5.) System 9 is displayed on the screen.

6.) Enter 3 7 6 2 0 0 0.

7.) You get the message, Saved.

The system PIN, you have reset to 0000 with this procedure.


Resetting the PIN (in case no handset is registered on the base)

1.) Disconnect the base from the power supply

2.) Press and hold the paging/login key 

3.) With the key held down, plug the power plug back in 

4.) With power supply on, hold down the key for another 10 seconds

5.) Only then release the key

This reset causes all data stored in the base to be deleted. This means that all handsets are logged off and the system PIN is 0000 again. Any messages and own announcements on the answering machine are also deleted.

The phonebook is retained because these data are stored locally in the handset, not in the base.

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