The providers change their service and no longer support the DNS configuration setting "A-Record". To continue operating Gigaset devices, the values for the port settings for "Proxy Server" and "Registration Server" must be deleted. 

Background is RFC 3263: "...If the TARGET was not a numeric IP address, but a port is present in the URI, the client performs an A or AAAA record lookup of the domain name...."

For Gigaset devices, make the following settings:

Gigaset GO BOX, 100, IP:

Base with software version 248 or higher. If "DNS SRV Lookup" is set to "Yes", the server ports for proxy and registration server are deleted.

1. Find device IP address. 

    Push the paging button. In display of handset you can read IP address. 

    OR: Open  and select your device. 


2.   System PIN is "0000" if it has not been changed.

3. Open Settings --> Telephony --> Connections.

4. Choose und edit connection.

5. Press "Show advanced settings".

6. Set "Lookup Enabled" --> Yes.

7.Save settings.

Gigaset DX800: 

To use DNS SRV lookup on DX800 you have to delete the port settings for "Proxy-Server", "Registration-Server" and save settings. 

1. Find device IP address. 

    On DX800 go to menu --> settings --> system--> local network --> IP address.

    OR: Open  and select your device.

2.   System PIN is "0000" if it has not been changed.

3. Open settings --> Telephony --> Connections.

4.Choose und edit connection.

5.  Press "Show advanced settings".

6. Delete value for "Proxy-Server-Port".

7.Delete value for "Registration-Server-Port".

8.Save settings.