What is Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for the Gigaset smartphone?

Your mobile device has been developed so as not to exceed internationally recommended exposure thresholds for radio waves.

These directives have been specified by an independent scientific organisation (ICNIRP) and include a high margin of safety which should guarantee the safety of all regardless of age and state of health. The directives on exposure to radio waves use a unit called the specific absorption rate (SAR).

The highest SAR values in the ICNIRP Directives for this device model:

The SAR threshold for mobile devices is 2.0 W/kg (head/body).

The SAR threshold for mobile devices is 4.0 W/kg (limbs).

deviceon headon bodyon limbs
Gigaset GL3900,459 W/kg (10g)1,305 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GL5900,567 W/kg (10g)1,554 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GL70,16 W/kg (10g)1,89 W/kg (10g)2,90 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS800,494 W/kg (10g)1,079 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1001,089 W/kg (10g)1,238 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1100,612 W/kg (10g)1,390 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1600,408 W/kg (10g)1,450 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1700,562 W/kg (10g)1,356 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1800,514 W/kg (10g)1,531 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1850,190 W/kg (10g)1,109 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1900,699 W/kg (10g)0,964 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS1951,459 W/kg (10g)0,985 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS195 LS
1,459 W/kg (10g)
0,985 W/kg (10g)

Gigaset GS195 Pummelphone
1,459 W/kg (10g)
0,985 W/kg (10g)

Gigaset GS2700,345 W/kg (10g)
1,240 W/kg (10g)

Gigaset GS270 plus
0,345 W/kg (10g)
1,240 W/kg (10g)

Gigaset GS2800,271 W/kg (10g)1,337 W/kg (10g) 
Gigaset GS3700,460 W/kg (10g)1,380 W/kg (10g) 
Gigaset GS370 plus
0,460 W/kg (10g)
1,380 W/kg (10g)

Gigaset GX2900,619 W/kg (10g)1,147 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GX290 plus
0,619 W/kg (10g)
1,147 W/kg (10g)

Gigaset GX290 PRO0,619 W/kg (10g)
1,147 W/kg (10g)

Gigaset GS2900,460 W/kg (10g)0,440 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS31,455 W/kg (10g)1,203 W/kg (10g)2,339 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS40,64 W/kg (10g)1,17 W/kg (10g)3,01 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS4 senior0,64 W/kg (10g)
1,17 W/kg (10g)
3,01 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS50,29 W/kg (10g)1,346 W/kg (10g)3,052 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS5 LITE0,29 W/kg (10g)
1,346 W/kg (10g)
3,052 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS5 senior0,29 W/kg (10g)
1,346 W/kg (10g)
3,052 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GS5 PRO0,29 W/kg (10g)
1,346 W/kg (10g)
3,052 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GX40,625 W/kg (10g)
1,456 W/kg (10g)
1,78 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GX4 PRO0,625 W/kg (10g)
1,456 W/kg (10g)
1,78 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GX6
1,359 W/kg (10g)
0,938 W/kg (10g)
2,568 W/kg (10g)
Gigaset GX6 PRO1,359 W/kg (10g)
0,938 W/kg (10g)
2,568 W/kg (10g)

Note: SAR values for wearing on the body were determined at a distance of 5 mm. To comply with the RF exposure guidelines for wearing on the body, the device should be positioned at least this distance away from the body.

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