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Gigaset ION/ION2


Not sure if this is correct place for this device, please move topic if needed.

First of all, i want to say thanks to everyone who made it available.

Long time ago i was trying to fit with my L410 to the same meeting activity, but failed when we have moved to some software like Teams etc instead of plain sip client connections. But now i am happy with my gigaset ION device.

As a first type product of such line from my perspective device is just awesome.

Also works perfectly with integration of indication and buttons with microsip (enable headset support inside settings) and tsip (install and enable hidphone plugin from same author)

The only additional feature i would like to ask - please add some key combination or software option to switch on\off proximity sensor, as i am not very accurate, during my meetings from time to time i am activating switch to headset. So it would be nice to have some easy option to disable it for me.

If any of gigaset team will ever plan to made ION2, i would like to share my experience to make it more useful as its successor:

1. Add 3.5mm jack for 4pin handsfree with microphone, also compatible with relgular stereo phones without mic. It is cool feature for private talk, but when it is more than hour it is quite hard to keep it in hands over the ear, more likely to connect wired headphones/handsfree and put device into pocket or something for a long private talks.
2. Ability to enable or disable proximity sensor to let users for button switch and prevent accidential switching.

3. Make glare frame a bit less slippery. it looks like i have kinda wet hands, so i already dropped it unfortunately.
4. More sound level and more steps for setup, not just Min Mid Max.

5. Make USB-C on the speaker more universal, our 65w notebook chargers for some reason doesn't work with it. It is default for fujitsu/lenovo model: adlx65ycc3d
6. Maybe think about dect usb adapter design (roll over usb jack), as of now, our ultrabook's usb ports to tight to the table surface, and usb dect stick connected to it also touches table surface. It looks like a risk to broke it.

This is the Gigaset Forum for customers. I'm not sure if the people responsible for the products will read your message.

Oh, i will certainly try to reach them via their partners.
I see no any other place here unless suggestion part of the forum to share my experience with this product anyway, so i hope my experience will be also useful for any customer who search for something like this.

I was aware that MicroSIP could be used as a free to use SIP-Client with HID support.

However, I did not know that there is a the HIDPHONE plugin for tsip. Would you share your hidcontrol.cfg with me?

Well, there is no any hidcontrol.cfg as it is another plugin.

For gigaset ION and tsip you need to load this one:


You need the latest one, as i was in contact with author to do some debug and make it work.


After installation and first start it will create config automatically:  HidPhone.cfg

Usually you don't need to edit this, but as far as i get it, for rare case when there is more then one phone hid device on your computer, there is a sense to edit this with pid vid of the gigaset ion.
Please keep in mind you need to use HEX data.
For example, device manager in my windows shows gigaset ion pid\vid: 111D\1E85

So you need to edit cfg file and fix it as hex:

"usbPid" : 4381,

"usbUsagePage" : 11,

"usbVid" : 7813

Right now i have attached default one that i use right now, it detects my ion automatically.

(589 Bytes)

Looks like my previous post with files and links didn't pass some filtering.

1. There is no any hidcontrol.cfg

2. You need another plugin, not hidcontrol but hidphone, it will create hidphone.cfg automatically.

3. In my case i use default one, but if you have more than one hid telephony device on you pc, you need to set pid vid with cfg file. Please keep ini mind you need convert pid vid from device manager into hex.


device manager show for my ION's pid vid:

111D 1E85

And you need to fix tsip hidphone.cfg with like this:

"usbPid" : 4381,

"usbUsagePage" : 11,

"usbVid" : 7813

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