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AS690ip and weather

Hi. Using AS690IP, found some weird problem, I can't set my own city with gigaset portal, headset always shows world weather only no matter which city i have set there. Gigaset support requested doing headset reset via 147 etc codes, but it doesn't help. I do remember c47h and c610h with it's ip bases had some specific setting to be chosen for screensaver weather world weather or citi I already set locally. But no such setup with as690hx. Can someone guide me how can I fix this problem?

This is right. A-class handsets registered to IP-base stations do not support the functionality of setting an own city for weather forecast.

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Oh, that's a bit sad but ok. If I will buy used c610h or new cl550 headset and connect it to my existing installation of as690ip and as690hx does this setting works only for this c class headset or it will change it for all including a class headsets?

An older C610H handset and the new Comfort 5xx HX handsets (registered to your AS690IP base station) should show full feature info center.

Sounds good, but will it change data display for a class headsets also?

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