1.)  Get on the Internet.

2.) Enter www.gigaset-config.com or the IP address of the Gigaset device in the address bar of your browser.

3.) Select the language and enter the Gigaset's system PIN (0000).

4.) Click, on the settings.

5.) On the left side, the menu items are visible.

6.) Click on Phonebook Transfer

7.) Where you have the possibility to transfer your phonebook entries to the PC.

8.) Then, please click on Device Management.

9.) Under Device Management, click on Save Settings.

10.) Save the settings on your PC.

11.) You can upload your data to the Gigaset again using the same procedure.

After you have backed up your data, please log out of the interface in the top right-hand corner.

To reset the Gigaset DX800A completely, press the following buttons while the device is in idle mode:

1.) Open the menu. 

2.) Enter the keys * # 0 5 # one after the other. 

3.) The display shows System and a 9 #. 

4.) Now enter 8 3, then 983 SET appears in the display and the 0 flashes. 

5.) Enter 1 and save with OK.

The base station restarts and all memory contents (incl. phonebook, handset registration etc.) are deleted.  

After the reset, go back to the web interface and then carry out the IP setup.