Which Gigaset smartphone supports Cell-Broadcast?

Realization possibilities

Settings of the emergency information

Calling up the emergency information in the locked state

Cell Broadcast is a warning system that is used to deliver warnings or alerts to smartphones throughout Germany. Through Cell Broadcast, smartphones can receive a warning message without prior registration or specification of personal data. Important: Cell Broadcast only works where there is a network. 

In the table below you can see if your Gigaset smartphone supports Cell-

Broadcast and where you can find the settings for Cell Broadcast:




Gigaset GL7yesMessages App (KaiOs)
Gigaset GS80yesMessages App
Gigaset GS100yesMessages App
Gigaset GS110yesMessages App
Gigaset GS160no-
Gigaset GS170no-
Gigaset GS180yesMessages App
Gigaset GS185yesMessages App
Gigaset GS190yesEmergency alerts app
Gigaset GS195yesMessages App
Gigaset GS195 LSyesMessages App
Gigaset GS195 PummelphoneyesMessages App
Gigaset GS270no-
Gigaset GS270 plusno-
Gigaset GS280yesMessages App
Gigaset GS370no-
Gigaset GS370 plusno-
Gigaset GX290yesEmergency alerts app
Gigaset GX290 plusyesEmergency alerts app
Gigaset GS290yes Emergency alerts app
Gigaset GS3yesMessages App
Gigaset GS4yes Messages App
Gigaset GS4 senioryesMessages App
Gigaset GS5yes Messages App
Gigaset GS5 senioryesMessages App
Gigaset GS5 LITEyesMessages App
Gigaset GX4yesMessages App
Gigaset GX6
Messages App

The cell broadcast can be opened either via the "Messages App" or via the "Emergency alerts app". 

1. Messages

Android 10Android 11Android 12
1. Open the settings1. Open the Messages App1. Open the Messages App1. Open the Messages
2. Click top right2. Click top right 2. Click top right 2. ,,Options"
3. "Messages settings"3. "Messages settings"3. "Messages settings"3. ,,Settings"
4. "Advanced"4. "Advanced" 4. "Advanced" 4. ,,Wireless Emergency Alerts"
5. "Wireless emergency alerts"5. "Wireless emergency alerts"5. "Wireless emergency alerts" 5. Here you can adjust the settings
6. Click top right6. Click top right 6. Click top right 
7. "Settings"7. "Settings" 7. "Settings" 
8. Here you can adjust the settings8. Here you can adjust the settings8. Here you can adjust the settings 

2. Emergency alerts app

Android 10
1. Open the Emergency alerts app2. Click top right

3. "Settings"

4. Here you can adjust the settings

Safety and emergency

There is also the "Safety and emergency" setting since Android 12. In this setting, medical information (allergies, blood group or organ donors), as well as emergency contacts can be stored. Through the setting, doctors or first responders in case of an accident of the affected person have the possibility to get fairly timely important medical information and can also reach pre-set emergency contacts.

The following steps must be performed to access and set your emergency information in the unlocked state:

Android 12
1. Open the settings2. "Safety & emergency"3. Here you can adjust the settings

The following steps must be performed to access the emergency information in the locked state:

Android 12
1. Press and hold the on/off button2. "Emergency"

3. "Emergency Information"

5. "Emergency Information"

5. Here the emergency information can be read in 6. Here the emergency cantacts can be read in 

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