activate/deactivat the GS195LS Elderly user interface

update the GS195LS user interface

activate/deactivat the GS195LS Elderly user interface

You have the possibility to deactivate the elderly user interface of the GS195LS and use the smartphone without the elderly user interface.


Do not reset your GS195LS to factory settings. This will cause the user interface to disappear and it will be to restore.


If you want to disable the Elderly user interface, follow the steps below:

1. Click on MORE
2. Then on meue
3. "System settings“
4. Confirm with "OK“
5. „Apps & notifications“
6. "See all apps“
7. Select Gigaset (orange square with white handset)
8. Open further settings via "Advanced"
9. „Home App“

10. Select "Home app" (below in small Gigaset / flashing)
11. Select Quickstep

12. Elderly user interface is disabled

If you want to activate the Elderly User Interface, follow these steps:

1. Open settings
2. "Apps & notifications"
3. "See all apps"

4. Now select "Gigaset" (orange square with white handset)

5. Open further settings via "Advanced" 6. "Home app"

7. Select "Home app" (flashing)

8. Select Gigaset

9. Elderly user interface is now activated

update the GS195LS user interface

The GS195LS Elderly interface update must be updated separately from the system updates.

Please follow the steps below to read the software version. If an update is available it will be displayed there and you can install it.

1. Click on "More"

2. Than on "Menu"

3. If you press on the version number, you can carry out the update, if available.
4. Install update

5. If your software is already up to date, your screen will look like this: 

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